Our Brands

Better Bed Collection

Say hello to Better Bed Collection – your go-to source for exquisite bedding solutions! Leveraging three decades of expertise, we proudly present a distinctive array of duvet sets and pillow protectors. From contemporary designs to timeless classics, our diverse range caters to every taste and preference. Whether you're outfitting a cozy guest space or indulging in luxurious options for the entire family, Better Bed Collection ensures that you discover the pinnacle of sleep satisfaction. Upgrade your bedding experience with Better Bed Collection!

Circles Home

Discover the epitome of comfort at Circles Home, your premier destination for bedding solutions. Explore our curated selection, featuring high-quality pillow protectors, budget-friendly mattress pads, and soothing comforters – all crafted to guarantee your best night's sleep yet. Elevate your rest experience with Circles Home, where the seamless fusion of comfort and quality awaits, ensuring peaceful nights and rejuvenated mornings.


Unwind in pure luxury with Comfez, your sanctuary for premium beddings. Crafted from top-tier materials, our products offer an exquisite balance of softness, durability, and tranquility. Comfez prioritizes your well-being, providing not just comfort but essential protection for rejuvenating nights.


Trust in Guardmax to bring you the ultimate silent and wrinkle-free bedding protection. Safeguard your mattress and pillows from stains, bed bugs, dust, allergens, and moisture. Our diverse range of sizes ensures a perfect fit for any mattress or pillow. Our products are designed to keep your bedding pristine without the hassle. Enjoy worry-free nights with Guardmax!

Linen Classique

Linen Classique is the ultimate destination for premium duvet covers in an array of exquisite designs. Explore beyond the ordinary with our curated collection! Complement your style with essential bedding accessories that enhance your sleep sanctuary. We invite you to elevate your sleep experience with Linen Classique’s top-of-the-line quality that transcends the ordinary. Your journey to unmatched comfort begins here.


Elevate your sleep haven and experience bedtime bliss with Maxi's luxurious bedding solutions. Transform your bed into a sanctuary of comfort with our exquisite range, featuring gorgeous, lofty pillows and velvety soft comforters. Maxi offers a touch of indulgence for everyone. Upgrade your sleep sanctuary with Maxi and turn every bedtime into a lavish retreat.


Extended Brand Intro

Indulge in superior comfort with Micropuff, where bedding excellence meets affordability. Crafted from high-quality microfiber, our products guarantee a soft, smooth, and luxurious feel without breaking the bank. Elevate your sleep experience with Micropuff's commitment to superior materials, ensuring your bed becomes a haven of comfort and style. Discover the perfect blend of quality and affordability – everyone deserves a touch of luxury in their sleep sanctuary.

Mom & Me

Embark on your motherhood journey with Mom & Me, the go-to haven for maternity and baby essentials. Unveil a curated selection featuring fashionable maternity wear, essential baby gear, baby proof nursery furnishings, unique personalized gifts, and so much more. Mom & Me ensures every mom finds what she needs, here to accompany you through this beautiful adventure. Turn your journey to motherhood into an even more extraordinary experience.

Superity Linen

Immerse yourself in luxury with Superity Linen's exquisite bedding range. Revel in the unmatched softness of our fitted sheets, pillowcases, and more with each piece a testament to comfort and style. Elevate your bedding experience with our thoughtfully designed separates, allowing you to mix and match for a personalized touch. Transform your sleep sanctuary with Superity Linen and experience nights of unparalleled bliss.

The Grand

Experience The Grand, the ultimate destination for a luxurious and comfortable bedding experience. Elevate your sleep sanctuary with our carefully curated selection of mattress pads, pillow protectors, and comforters, all meticulously crafted to elevate your nightly indulgence. Immerse yourself in the lavish embrace of our precisely designed products, seamlessly blending opulence with practicality. Each item is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence, ensuring a peaceful and rejuvenating rest every night. Transform your bedroom into a tranquil haven with The Grand, where we have perfected the art of slumber.


Immerse yourself in the perfect blend of comfort and protection with Waterguard. Our products boast a beautifully quilted, 100% cotton top, ensuring a luxurious feel, while a durable waterproof layer underneath provides unmatched protection. Why compromise when you can have the best of both worlds? Elevate your bedding experience with Waterguard and experience a sleep sanctuary that's both indulgent and secure.