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Years of Commitment To Your Comfort

Founded in 2009 as a family business, Mastertex has stood the test of time, remaining true to our dedication to deliver exceptional home linens and textiles. At Mastertex, our mission is simple yet profound – to prioritize our customers' comfort above all. Join us in elevating your home experience with quality and care, where every thread tells a story of comfort, trust, and lasting warmth.

Step into our world of endless possibilities! With over 10 amazing brands and a selection of 600+ products, we've got all your needs covered. Experience a worry-free shopping experience with us in just one click.

We're On A Mission

To harness the transformative power of relaxation, ensuring that you can unwind and rest with ease.







Shaping Living Spaces Across the Nation

Step into the world of Mastertex, your trusted companion in the realm of bedroom linens and home textiles. As a leader in the industry, we have made it our mission to bring comfort and style to homes nationwide through our thoughtfully curated selection of premium linens.

But for us, it's more than just threads; it's about turning every living space into a cozy haven that speaks of sophistication and warmth. We invite you to join us on a journey where every touch, every detail, and every fabric choice is chosen with you in mind – to bring not just quality but a touch of design brilliance to your home.

Elevate your living experiences with Mastertex – because when it comes to comfort, style, and making your home uniquely yours, you can always count on us. Welcome to a world where the exceptional meets the approachable, and your comfort is our top priority.

From the inside out:

Our foundation is rooted in a robust core, a collective belief in our mission, and a commitment to making a meaningful impact in our community. Driven by our core team's shared values and principles, we strive to deliver not just products, but a legacy of quality, integrity, and positive influence in every home we touch.

Team Members

At Mastertex, our team embodies our values and mission. They're not just contributors; they're ambassadors in the daily grind. We commit to sustaining their motivation through clear milestones, ongoing education, and a supportive environment.

Wholesale Customers

At Mastertex, our wholesale customers are our biggest advocates. We ensure clear expectations and timelines through our advanced product portal, keeping them informed and engaged. Our dedication not only fosters growth but also makes them eager sellers of our products!

Retail Customers

At Mastertex, we're deeply committed to our retail customers. Irrespective of budget, expect quality control and seamless communication that ensures every individual feels at ease. Our team is always ready to assist!

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